3D Machine parts used in movie G-Force

In addition to Rambo-clad Guinea Pigs, the new Jerry Bruckheimer film “G-Force” features custom-machined components manufactured by 3D Machine Company. “We worked on the kitchen appliances that ‘transform’ in the movie: the coffee maker, the microwave oven, and the refrigerator,” explains Costel Falcusan, president of 3D Machine Company. “We made all the shiny aluminum parts.”

The G-Force project was a perfect fit for the advanced CAD/CAM and 5-axis machining capabilities at 3D Machine Company. We produced these one-off components quickly and efficiently, while seamlessly incorporating design changes from the studio along the way. Everything worked out perfectly. The filmmakers got their talking kitchen appliances on time and within budget; and the entire crew at 3D Machine Company, and their families, got a free trip to the movies on opening night to see their products up on the big screen.