3D Machine Company is proud to announce the purchase of a Mazak Variaxis i-600. Our new Mazak is a versatile, full-simultaneous 5-axis CNC machining center that can handle multiple and complex curved surfaces on large workpieces in single setups. This state-of-the-art machine features a 20.07″ x 35.82″ x 20.07″ xyz capacity with a 1,100 lb. table load and two pallets. The -120° to +30° A-axis travel (table tilt) and 360° C-axis travel (table rotation) provide true 5-axis machining capability, while the highly-rigid, 18,000-rpm spindle with a 40-tool magazine offers flexibility from heavy-duty to high-speed cutting with incredible speed and accuracy.

When you need complex, multi-surface machining it’s hard to beat our new Variaxis i-600. With reduced lead times and improved accuracy, 3D Machine Company offers you a super-efficient solution for your complex machining requirements. Contact us to learn more about the advanced 5-axis CNC machining resources available today at 3D Machine Company.